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Sea Mud Body Wrap

A unique mixture of seaweed, botanicals, plant enzymes In a mineral rich base. Detoxifies and exfoliates the body while infusing Skim with nourishing botanicals and essential Oils

Hydro Body Wrap

Aloe Vera mask enriched with antioxidant, Vitamin A, E & C. Nourishes the skln. while essen1iol oils of sandal wood. orange. clary sage soothes and relaxes flue body.

Back Treatment

Focusing on the back and shoulders, this deep cleansing treatment helps to remove impurities and relieves tension in the bock and shoulders

Body Exfoliation

A Complete body polish. Followed by a hydrating moisturiser to leave your skin feeling softer, supple and revitalised.

Aromatherapy Massage

A unique & relaxing massage using essential oils, blended by the therapist

60 mins

Swedish Body Massage

This massage relaxes the entire body. relief stress from the mind and comfort the muscle horn any tension

60 mins

30 mins